They are often bursting with Bolivia B2B List good ideas. But they only share it if they feel safe enough. So it is important as an employer to create a safe working environment where employees dare to share ideas. You often see that people just nod during a meeting because they have no idea what it is about, but do not dare to ask. Afraid that they Bolivia B2B List will be looked at and make a mistake. But if you don’t know what it’s about, you can’t contribute. You also often hear that employees ‘are allowed to come up with ideas, provided they are good ideas. But just when employees feel safe enough to say everything, and also Bolivia B2B List share ‘crazy’ ideas.

Requires Changes Bolivia B2B List

That can lead to the Bolivia B2B List best innovations. You never know what great developments will come out of this! According to Tiggelaar, you should facilitate employees to come up with new creative ideas. By giving them the time and space for that, and you can do that as follows: 70 percent work in the company. Percent improve the Bolivia B2B List business.  Percent coming up with crazy new ideas. Innovation requires behavioral changes You can have a good idea, but if you don’t act on it, it’s still an idea. Innovations therefore also have to be Bolivia B2B List implemented.

Bolivia B2B List

That Often Bolivia B2B List

But changes are not always Bolivia B2B List easy. Habitual behavior plays an important role in changes, according to Tigerair. Often such a change is only communicated and employees receive a short explanation. “We’re going to do this and that from now on. Then employers think it’s strange that those changes don’t work! But that change Bolivia B2B List takes time. People have to learn new behaviors. That’s why it’s good to set goals. So you decide which result you want to strive for. For example ‘I want to enjoy my work more’. Then you determine what behavior is Bolivia B2B List necessary for that.

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