In conclusion, By researching heavily during your outlining process, you’ll firm up your position and discover new questions to answer for readers. However, CLICK TO TWEET Here are some easy ways you can research your topic. Finland Phone Number List you finesse your blog post outline. Moreover, Google Search: This is the most common way to research a blog post. Finland Phone Number List Google Scholar. Therefore, This is specifically designed to search for scholarly literature and academic pieces like peer-reviewed articles, theses, research, studies. Finland Phone Number List technical reports, and court opinions. National Institutes of Health: A great resource for verified information on all health-related topics. Real books: The majority of blogging comes from online research.

 Use Keywords To Write A Headline (For Search Engines)

There’s still a wealth of information to be found in Finland Phone Number List physical books. Many books can be downloaded to an e-reader if you want a digital copy to be able to search & find specific topics more easily. Check out the competition: Look at other bloggers in your niche who’ve covered similar topics and evaluate the sources they’ve Finland Phone Number List. cited to compile their own articles. That could set you down the path of uncovering even more interesting insights than your competition. First-hand information: In most fields, nothing beats the impact of simply reaching out to an expert in the industry you’re writing about—to gather a real world quote or run some hypotheses by them for verification.

 Align Your Headline With User-Intent

of your article once published. Alright, now that you’ve taken some time to do a little more research before. Diving in to write your blog post—let’s keep moving forward. If we go back to my blog post outline from above, I’ve now got a few elements to add into the piece—and others to refine & trim out, Finland Phone Number List based on the results of my additional research. Here’s what my blog post outline now looks like (with new sections highlighted below). Blogging for Business: 6 Incredible Benefits Blogging Helps Your Business Site. Rank Higher in Search Engine Results Organic traffic is important Content = higher ranking on search engines.

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