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If you look at your sales cycle you see that it resembles a magic wheel that never stops As soon as you land a sale with a new customer you can t let them go You turn the wheel again and again to transform this customer into a repeat buyer A sure way to do this is to provide your customers with the perfect after sales service That s what we talk about in this post where I ll share some examples of the after sales service as well as actionable tips on how to make it work like a Swiss watch Outline What is after sales service Why you should provide an excellent after sales service Types and examples of after sales service After sales service best practices But let s start with the after sales service meaning and benefits for your business first What is after sales service If you ask me What does after sales mean in business.

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Australia Phone Number List

Recommend you think about the last time you bought your new mobile phone Do you remember the shop assistant offering an extended warranty or a screen protecting film That s it After sales service is a set of actions you take to follow up with a customer who has just bought your product or service to increase their satisfaction and lead them toward a repeat purchase After sales service in the sales cycle After sales service can be provided by a sales representative customer care marketing team or even a chatbot depending on your company s product Why you should provide an excellent after sales service What are the benefits of after sales service you can gain for your business Well there are many of them really but I ll name the four most important ones After sales service improves customer satisfaction If a decade ago customers would buy from you because of the quality of your product nowadays the situation has changed Today the biggest priority for customers is their experience.

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If my words seem not persuasive enough consider the stats nearly half of customers cut relations with a brand in the past year because of customer service issues Offer your customers an after sales service as a form of gratitude for their purchase You ll always have a competitive advantage over those companies that tend to ignore the needs of their clients as soon as they get their money After sales service favors positive referrals No need to emphasize how much customer referrals mean to every brand B B companies with referrals boast a higher conversion rate and faster close time on sales While other companies need to crack their head over how to ask for referrals you already have the door opened by providing your customers with excellent after sales service.

Happy loyal clients will be more likely to become your brand ambassadors telling others about your company both on their social networks and by word of mouth After sales service improves your brand image Imagine a restaurant where you get a complimentary dish in addition to the ordered lunch How would you react to it I m sure you would have only positive impressions of this place Same goes for the brand image Having a positive post purchase experience your customers will think of your brand as reliable and trustworthy And even if anything goes wrong in the process e g a customer has some issues paying or logging in to your app your excellent after sales service can compensate for these minor unpleasantries and add more points in your favor Types and examples of after sales service Now let s discuss..

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Activities you can use in your after sales service strategy We ll talk about both B B and B C post purchase service types so you can choose what is more relevant to your business Pre installation services Some products usually devices require installation before you can use them For such cases a good sign is when a company provides either easy manuals so a user can install everything by themselves or offers pre installation help The ideal situation is if an organization provides it for free or at little cost Pre installation services Source Landofcoder For example suppose your company specializes in air conditioning In that case you ll give your clients an excellent after sales service if you offer an air conditioner installation as a bonus A little trick here you can set the price of your items a bit higher but ensure it includes free installation Warranties replacements

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Returns One of the most popular types of after sales service is offering warranties that presuppose replacing an item or its part for free if it doesn t work properly during.

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