supports agree that Artificial Intelligence represents. A  paradigm shift in the sector and a strong. Ally to make new challenges to reality. There are surveys carried out in the United States. Such as Industry Pulse, that confirms this. However, where doubts arise among the professionals surveyed, both on the supply side and on the demand side, it is in the applications that this opportunity called AI will have in digital advertising. In general, all the players in our sector are pro-AI. However, is it a technology that is going?

Cover 100% of the Spectrum of the Digital Environment?

Among the many advantages that AI .Offers to improve the quality of the purchase. I think there are three that stand out. The first refers to the uk mobile number list of devices and browsers. A detection that makes it possible to take down entire botnets. Another aspect that AI brings to the sector is the analysis of behavior on the network. The use.

big data makes it easier to distinguish between real behavior

In our particular case, the technology we use allows us to analyze 10,000 million impressions per day. This scale of data favors, on the one hand, being able to build machine learning models that predict digital fraud. And at the same time, on the other, to detect new types of fraud that are emerging and build a kind of insurmountable wall against the bots that attack the digital environment. Today, large consumer and service companies such as Amazon or Uber are taking advantage of big data to drive major technological innovations such as autonomous cars or the delivery of products with drones. And I think that in our digital advertising sector, brands should have the same access to predictive technologies to protect their investments in digital campaigns.

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