Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are grabbing media headlines more often than ever. To allow blind people to “See” photos within the social network. This is possible thanks to facebook’s object recognition technology. Which is based on a neural network that has billions of parameters and is trained with millions of examples. Other advances in artificial intelligence. Designed to benefit humanity by surpassing our abilities in highly complex tasks such as disease diagnosis. Pharmaceutical research, power grid management, and protection against cyber threats. Could base their success in deep learning and the unpredictability that seems to be an inherent characteristic of it.

It’s No Surprise That These Advances in Computing Are Attracting

This approach has worked in traditional marketing for the past two decades. In fact, it is still the dominant method today. We use this methodology to report on how to manage web pages. How we carry out advertising Spain WhatsApp Number Database campaigns through mobile devices, and even how we approach search engine advertising. However, it is far from the optimal way to do it. It is an example of how analog thinking has hindered our ability to see the potential of digital.

Audience segmentation is a good example We still use demographic

Ne of the most repeated statistics is that 90% of the information in the world. Was created in the last two years. Although it may seem exaggerated. It does show the increasing proliferation of data on consumers. Behavior has reached such a point that it already exceeds our ability to understand that behavior, much less exploit it. As marketers, sooner or later big data will reach such large dimensions. That we will need a massive computing force to be able to experiment and explain non-intuitive links and tell us what works best. But unlike in the past, we won’t be getting results weekly. Because we’re no longer basing our bets on data sets from a month ago. We will use real-time consumer behavior data combined with third-party data to adapt, optimize and improve campaigns instantly.

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