In order to learn more about how new technologies can be applied to marketing and communication, Arena Media launched a series of conferences given by the agency’s professionals, called Arena Tech & Trends, a little over two years ago. Starting today, Arena Tech & Trends becomes an even more ambitious project. Under this same name, Arena Media launches a new tool developed entirely by its Strategic Planning department. Ignacio Rivera García-Guerena, responsible for Strategic Projects at Arena Media and creator of the tool, points out ” due to the lack of time and the need for knowledge that we all have today, we have created the arenatechandtrends.

A Search Filter That Allows You to Locate the Reports Where the Trends

Therefore, Arena Tech&Trends is an open space for knowledge, exchange of Indian Business Fax List ideas, and joint learning. In this sense, Iñigo de Luis, director of strategic projects. Adds “The different productive sectors and industries need to know -and anticipate. The effects that technological disruption is having on their business models. To the extent that we better understand the changes. We can innovate more effectively and improve our results. A new tool for employees, clients and the sector. In the exercise of their professional activity. Need to be up to date with the trends and transformations that technology is causing.

What We Learn Day After Day Always Ends Up Becoming Business

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It maintains its headquarters in Spain from where. Arena manages more than 1,000 million in advertising investment. Of which 350 correspond to the spanish market, where it employs more than 200 professionals. The arena is one of the leading communication and media agencies in the Spanish market. It is specialized in the development and implementation of integrated strategies. That allows optimizing the advertising investments of its more than 50 clients.

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