One of the elements that brands value is obtaining good results in consumer votes. To be the brand that achieves the most stars. That is positioned in the leading positions in a ranking, the one that best connects with consumers. Different studies have shown the power of comments and opinions when. It comes to marking consumption. Consumers want to be able to leave comments about. What they think and they also want to be able to read. What others think and what others believe about a product or service in order. To feel influenced by those opinions when making their own consumption decisions. If a service is bad, they want to know about it.

Brands, Especially Those That Operate in Ecommerce

For this reason, brands, especially those that operate in eCommerce, have created all kinds of tools to make it much easier for consumers to give their opinion and leave their positions. One of the star elements of this type of Denmark B2B List format is the stars: the consumer can leave their evaluation in a simple way, with a click, and also see what other consumers think with a couple of clicks. They can be found almost everywhere, from the online supermarket to the super mega-network bookstore to online travel agencies and booking sites. How many stars do you give it?: That is the key question that is asked everywhere.

The Social Network About Books Will Have Faced This Question

Denmark B2B List

But are these stars really valuable? Do they get relevant and valid information? Anyone who regularly uses GoodReads, the social network about books, will have faced this question. When you start to rate the books you read, you do so by using. The ratings and what they say about them on the page itself. Three stars is a book that is good, four one that has excited you and five is a masterpiece of literature. Then you look at the way others rate and the overall averages and you start. To wonder if maybe your ratings are not too low and if in fact the data that those star ratings say about. The books is not the most reliable data and indicative of the world.

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