What exactly happened? They spend money to trigger immediate sales, instead of building a long-term brand. They opt for bottom-of-the-funnel tactics because they will pay better, within a year, in most cases. But in one of the most important parts of the research, Field and Banet show that, in the long run, that immediate view will rapidly deteriorate the overall impact of marketing . Too much time spent picking the lower fruits means less time to water the tree. Eventually, they will stop growing. Also, distracted by a continuous stream of short-term data, marketers won’t realize something is going to go wrong. And when they do, it may be too late.

Eventually, they will stop growing

Based on my experience, I would add that most B2B tech brands tend to prioritize short-term strategies due to the increased availability of online Administration Directors Email Lists customers. “The digital revolution tends to lead to higher activation efficiency and therefore a higher proportion should go to the brand. Companies that sell or reach an audience online need a higher percentage of their spending to go to brand building, since they already have direct channels for conversion ,” he adds.

The digital revolution tends to lead to higher

Administration Directors Email Lists

“Digital realization is leading to greater distribution efficiency, so there is a need to put more emphasis on branding.” The same goes for those categories with a high volume of online research and extensive use of technology, based on financial subscription, as well as companies that neglected long-term brand awareness strategies . One of the secrets to promote the permanent construction of corporate identity is the ability to create experiences that stimulate the audience to have an emotional connection with what that brand represents. You simply don’t need it to run short-term sales trigger campaigns.

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