If you analyze the studies that have been appearing lately on the concerns of marketing managers and on the things that keep marketers up at night, you can find certain parallels and certain issues that are repeated over and over again. Certain concerns have become a recurring element. If a list of fashionable concerns were made, to give an example, surely certain issues would be assured of prominent positions without almost a doubt. And, among those concerns, online measurements would be one of them.

Marketers Are Obsessed With Numbers and Are Always Looking

Given that their activities and especially their investment are often very high and. Therefore, a large amount of money, effort, and time has been put into what they are doing. It is more than understandable that they want to know what happens with it. Add to that the fact that your activities have to generate something. That can be reported to higher layers of company management. And you can have Colombia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists a clearer idea of ​​why the numbers, the metrics. And anything that can be used to establish a ROI is just as important to them. But this preoccupation with having meters has created a situation in which, sometimes it is closer to an obsession. Marketers seem to live no more than having those elements and those meters. The numbers have become the number one issue.

Add to That the Fact That Your Activities Have to Generate

Thus, in the first of the points. The obsession with numbers and with seeing movement in the indicators. That are becoming fashionable every time as what is needed to understand. The moment (in social networks, for example, some time ago the follower lists and now engagement meters) makes you lose. Sight of the fact that the network is a medium and long-term job. focusing too much on how to raise those figures at the moment. They also forget, on the other hand, that there are many things that must be worked on online. That simply and simply lead to achieving results on those meters.

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