Brands have had to learn many things when it comes to marketing with influencers. A new discipline that has modified their strategies and that has recently become. One of the issues that have become the epicenter of what must be done. If you want to connect with consumers in the age of social media. Consumers receive very positively the messages that reach them through these. Channels and brands have to work in these environments. If they really want to connect with them and want them to receive the messages. That brands want to share with them. But understanding that they must connect with influencers and that they must use them to reach. The consumer is not the only element that brands have had to learn in recent times and it is not. The only issue that has become essential to be successful in this area. Endeavor.

Brands Have Also Had to Learn How to Integrate Influencers

nevertheless, doing marketing with influencers has a few more elements of complexity and has other issues that brands should not lose sight of. Although the brand is campaigning and therefore has to take into account many elements that it takes into account in other advertising scenarios, the truth is that things are not that simple. In marketing with influencers, they also have to Buy Lebanon WhatsApp Numbers take into account other issues, since, after all, what they are doing is not just marketing. It is marketing that is linked to the online presence of a specific person. And, for this reason, influencers are not only concerned about the money and what they will earn from that campaign: they are also concerned about the values ​​associated with it.

As Pointed Out in the Conclusions of a Tapinfluence Study

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when choosing a decisive element to say yes or no to a campaign or to associate with a brand, social influencers take into account a few factors, and the most important is one completely inherent to the company. Asked what is the most important reason for associating with a brand, 41.4% of those surveyed say that feeling aligned with the brand’s core values ​​is. That is, influencers are not willing to talk about any person or any product. They want to talk about those who connect with them on a much deeper level and much more, so to speak, sincere. They want the brand’s objectives, its values, to be in line with what they themselves believe.

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