In the race to connect with the consumer, brands have found a new way and a new connection point. One that has become one of the favorite questions in recent times and that. Serves not only for millions of analyzes but also for many changes in strategy and many new points in which to connect with the consumer. Brands have launched into creating content because consumers expect. It to give them added value and because they are highly receptive to stories of greater depth. To what is information and not simply advertising. On the other hand. Traditional advertising is being received less and less and is getting less and less seenby the consumer. Which makes brands much more open to new formats and much more willing to use them.

But the Truth Is That Consumers Consume Much More Conte

The content marketing boom has generated a boom in company blogs, media collaborations, and far-reaching reports. Complete long forms in which brands function as patrons. But the truth is that consumers. Consume much more content Australia B2B Contact List than just that, and brands are becoming increasingly aware of this. Therefore, their branded content strategy is becoming more and more complex and they are doing much deeper work, more, so to speak, serious. Some big brands have already created newsrooms within their marketing and communication departments. Which are in charge of creating content all the time and, above all, that are in charge of adjusting to the needs. Imposed by the current news. Brands have thus become a kind of small media. Increasingly marked by what a journalist would do.

Is the Approach to Brand Content Going to Stop There?

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Brands are adding the documentary to the list of content they are interested in. Documentaries (which for years were linked by the mainstream public to the idea of ​​’animal documentaries after eating on La 2′) are increasingly popular and, above all, cover more and more topics. Platforms like Netflix, which allow on-demand access to them, have made viewers increasingly familiar with them and increasingly receptive to them. And if there is demand for this content, is it produced more and more? and an opportunity is opened for brands in branded content.

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