Markup is very important for SEO because it contains a lot of important information. If Oman Phone Number is a critical area that you must constantly monitor. Title – It is important that your title is unique, accurate and relevant to the content, with keywords placed in the proper place. While the Yoast plugin is sufficient for a WordPress site, you can also use Screaming Frog’s Page Titles tab and HTML Improvements under Search Appearance in Google Search Console to check for any title duplicates.

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Meta Description Make sure the description is unique and less than 172 characters and is relevant to the page content with few keywords added. In addition to Yoast and other SEO Oman Phone Number it out with Screaming Frog. URLs – Make sure your URLs are short, user-friendly, and add keywords. Use nice permalinks, ie the URL to each post should be quite, permanent and never change, hence the name permalinks . While WordPress does this automatically, there is no harm in checking.

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Title tags are very important for structuring content and making it scannable. H1 tags should only be used in headings Precise Content ​​Unique precise, value-added content of at least 300 words. Correct placement of keywords without keyword stuffing. The WordPress plugin Yoast checks all of this, but you have to be aware of it ile Oman Phone Number tags for images are a must. It should contain keywords and should also be descriptive. WordPress has an image plugin, and Screaming Frog has its own section where you can reduce the size of your images for faster loading.

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