As an online sniper, you will therefore increasingly have to pick up the rifle with hail from the stable to reach your target group with SEA and display ads. But let’s be honest: with the advent of ad blockers, this has been the case for a long time. Tracking: can you still recognize disguised visitors? A central tool in the marketer’s arsenal is Google Analytics. Is this still useful if everyone visits your site anonymously with a VPN? Of course, geographically it is difficult to trace exactly where your visitors come from.

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So take the increased traffic from abroad with a grain of salt. However, a visitor remains a visitor, and his further actions and behaviors on your site remain visible and can be analysed. Page speed: all the more reason to optimize Due to the connections that VPNs make, the data Andorra Email Lists often has to cross continents to arrive at its final destination. This can mean that the speed at which a user browses will decrease. So it is imperative that your site and pages load quickly to prevent your bounce rate from increasing through no fault of your own.

Andorra Email Lists

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Again, VPN use is a catalyst to address this aspect of your site. Especially if you love the organic rankings of your pages. After all, Google has announced that page speed and user-friendliness will be central to the search algorithm from 2021. Google has announced that page speed and usability will be central to its search algorithm from 2021. The acidity of VPN use is therefore not so bad, but it does prompt you to take action. On the other hand, there is plenty of sweet. How can you reap the benefits of a VPN yourself and use it effectively as a digital marketer?

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