A few years ago, French journalist Judith Duportail opened an account on Tinder. She tells about it in her de Ella book . The algorithm of love which she has just published in Spain Contra. The opening process was very simple. She had opened it for him. The morning of the same day she joined the gym. After a love breakup That first day. While she was waiting to get into a GAP class. She took a look at his first match with him. The process he will explain throughout the book. Will become almost addictive. it also helped him discover a parallel reality in which.

Everything Was More Complex Than Looking for the Ideal Love

The data that these applications accumulate is very personal. Very specific but also allows for very effective also very disturbing profiling. As Duportail recalls in his book. Facebook had launched a study in 2017 on how data on consumers and love breakups buy email list India helped sell and understand what kind of products those were looking for. Potential clients. According to the data published by Facebook at the time, 55% of its users take a long trip after a love break, and, in general, at that time consumers are more open to trying new things. It is, therefore, we can read between the lines.

We Can Read Between the Lines the Best Time to Sell Them

In his quest to find out what his personal score was, Duportail resorted to all available data protection laws. She didn’t get access to that magic number officially (although she did have an unofficial approach) but she did get Tinder to give her all the personal data it kept about her, 800 pages of overwhelming ultra-detailed personal information. That is, they can use it without problems with advertising The idea is not exactly revolutionary. After all, all those data collection services have the potential to use that information to sell advertising or to serve the data to third parties to do so. Of course, consumers are not always clear that this happens and the potential that this data can have to segment ads and make them much more effective.

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