The rise and scope of mobile devices added to the consumption that internet users make of social networks. Have caused brands to invest more and more in advertising in online video. A correct option for professionals from marketing and advertising agencies. Since according to data from the latest strata company report, for almost seven out of ten of these organizations. It was the preferred strategy to generate engagement among consumers. In fact, the results of this research conclude that the majority of online marketing professionals are satisfied with the results obtained by such campaigns.

Different Opinion of Users, However, These Data Show a Contrary

Some conclusions are shown in accordance with the main results obtained. Last December, by the company BrightRoll. In this research, also carried out on online marketing professionals. Most of the interviewees (56%) said that Liberia B2B List investing in advertising campaigns through online video had turned out to be. The most valuable strategy to achieve the objectives they sought. For its part, strata’s research also highlighted what type of online video content. Was best suited to engage consumers through ads. In this sense, the majority of those surveyed, 65%. Maintained that the most appropriate were those based on the interests of the audience.

The Interests of the Brands for Its Part, an Investigation

Liberia B2B List

These data show a contrary assessment between. The types of ads that marketing agencies prefer to opt for and those contents. That online video users and consumers say they are willing to see. In fact, as strata research from April 2015 shows, viewers said they were more likely to watch videos. That they found funny (51.8%) as well as entertaining (45.1%). On the other hand. Informative ads and those starring celebrities were the ones that obtained the worst results.

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