That companies need, whatever their nature, size, turnover, or market, to provide digital answers. That this absolutely necessary transformation has a transcendence and an effect on the analog brand is beyond dispute. This aspect is something that should also be taken care of in this process of digital transformation, I tell you. We have been announcing for a long time that digital transformation is an evolution from which no organization. Should run away or avoid, whether they are large. Medium, or small company, in fact. We admit that we are already late and that this is not costing levels of competitiveness in our business tissue.

When an Organization Decides to Take the Leap and Evolve

One of the areas affected by this migration to digital is the brand. An analog brand has behaviors, a market. A way of showing itself that is absolutely different from a digital brand that pretends to be someone in that market. Therefore, if we accept that this is indeed happening. It will not be difficult to think that when we start a digital transformation process. It will have an impact and the need for email list Pakistan changes in many different areas of the company. With regard to branding, to the brand, we will logically also have to condition. Mold Or migrate all the baggage of this brand to digitization. Not only to maintain its good image but to enhance it and even direct it to other markets.

When a Brand Decides to Go Digital, Effects Occur That

It will expand the distribution channels, as well as the customer relationship channels, with which it will have to serve them properly and according to the “rules of the game” of these new channels. Probably the human resources necessary to address this new scenario of digitization are almost never found in the company, this aspect must be resized. The way of relating to HR will also change. The values, image, behaviors, brand essence of the brand must be adapted to the needs that digitization demands in order to do it “well”. Making an analog brand into a digital brand without the remodeling and without the proper adjustments in all these aspects will cause big problems

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