So that he formulates his own and can proceed to Antarctica Email List draw up the respective minutes. Back to top Back to index Article 886 . He will take care that the articles and pieces of respect belonging to his position are received and stowed with due anticipation to the departure of the ship, so that each object is in its place and does not offer difficulty to Antarctica Email List take it when it is needed, taking care that the Supplies that are not necessary on the trip are delivered to the respective warehouse. Back to top Back to index Article 887 . When leaving or entering port, or when navigating in narrow channels or with fog near the coast, when squad evolutions are being Antarctica Email List carried out, and in all those cases that require special care to quickly and accurately comply with orders. given from the deck, he must be precisely at the machine, operating it himself and directing the subordinates.

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Apart from the stated circumstances, he will visit the Antarctica Email List machine at sea during the day, and particularly at night, several times, staying there when an accident or other cause makes his presence necessary. Back to top Back to index Article 888 . He will take care that the ovens are not turned on or off, but by order of the Commander, Antarctica Email List proceeding first to clean the machines, especially the tubes and boilers and other parts exposed to fire. He will scrupulously examine the boilers, cylinders, pumps, valves and other parts, using procedures that tend to prevent scale formation. Back to top Back to index Article 889 . When the Antarctica Email List machines are stopped, he will take care that they do not start moving, if it is not obeying an order from the Commander or Officer of the watch. Back to top Back to index Article 890 .

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The order to light the furnaces will be Antarctica Email List communicated to him by the Duty Officer, and immediately upon receipt, he will become the machine so that everything is ready and the aforementioned furnaces are set on fire exactly at the Antarctica Email List ordered time. Back to top Back to index Article 891 . While steam is accumulating and before moving he will examine the apparatus in its most important details, to make sure that it is in a state of regular and constant operation, taking care that all loose objects are lashed in order to Antarctica Email List avoid balance sheet effects. Back to top Back to index Article 892 . Any omission noted in the service referred to in the two previous articles, will bring it to the attention of the Commander, through the proper channels, so that the appropriate charges may be made to the offender.

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