Technology has a direct impact on how things work and how consumers behave and, furthermore. It also modifies how brands act and what they should allocate the bulk of their budgets. Their forces and their actions. Brands have to be up to date with the different trends and must be aware of them. How they are changing the rules of the game. Each change of year provides an opportunity to carefully study the market and to establish. Which are the elements that dominate and that will modify the rules of the game.

The Power of Data the Answer Lies in the User Data

The answer lies in the user data. According to a study published by the swirl network study at the end of 2015. 54% of companies in the united states declared to have a data collection and processing strategy applied to personalization. The same study predicts that this percentage will increase considerably in the coming years. These numbers support the fact that the Buy Japan WhatsApp Numbers personalization we’re adept. Today wouldn’t be nearly as powerful if it weren’t for the data we collect. Collecting is not enough. In a survey conducted by. In the economist intelligence unit, 85% of the participating executives revealed that they consider.

Raw Data Is Not Powerful on Its Own It Is Necessary to Translate

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it to achieve its true value. Is that where the insights are? delivered by data management platforms or DMP’s? It is no longer worth having exorbitant amounts of data. The number of blocker users continues to grow. There are already almost 200 million people worldwide, according to page fair reports. Those are not very relevant to their tastes or interests for a long time.

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