The internet advertising market is divided between two major players, which have different percentages of weight in the total but are growing in a fairly similar way in terms of attracting new advertising revenue. The network and its advertisements begin to seem like a closed hunting ground for them. Their names are, as everyone may have begun to imagine reading the article, Google and Facebook, the usual contenders and the names that appear in all the analyzes and in all the questions about online advertising. To see more clearly how they are dominating the network and the network’s ad market, just look at how the new US market ad dollars have been spread over the past year.

This is creating a situation of practically a duopoly

This is creating a situation of practically a duopoly. One in which two players have taken over the market and therefore set the agenda a lot. Google and facebook are beginning to be unavoidable and are also beginning to Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists have too strong positions. Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that there are those. Who wait like rain in may for a third player to appear. Become strong and change the rules of the game. Advertisers want, as they point out in the wall street journal. Which has devoted an analysis to the subject, for a new strong player to emerge. “Perhaps a third player will compete in different areas.” says a market directive, noting that perhaps this irruption will allow the use of new. Advertising technologies are not particularly popular at the moment.

Who Can Be the Players in Contention a Few Names Appear

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Then there are the names of large telecoms in us, such as at&t or Verizon. Which have been positioning themselves on the internet through purchases. Verizon, for example, owns aol or yahoo, strategic moves to create a certain. The online user base for services. And, of course, there are the other players on social media and the internet. The analysis talks about how to snap is the owner of Snapchat. Try to assert their power over younger consumers (although their position has many shadows ). And of course amazon. For some executives in the sector, as they recall in the journal. Amazon is the one with the best chance of becoming the third. Party in contention thanks to its growth in fields such as artificial intelligence and streaming video.

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