It’ll make sense to deliver more emails to your growing list. Some bloggers have found success sending weekly or even daily emails to their list, especially if their business revolves heavily around their email lists. If you do choose to send frequent emails, make sure they are high quality and deliver value. Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List If you ever have to choose between taking time to write a quality email or needing to just send Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List something out to readers to keep up with your schedule, err on the side of quality. Opening up your email marketing software and sending out a low-value or rushed email just to maintain consistency will do more harm than good. To begin, stick to a monthly schedule and then adjust as you get into the groove with your content. Best Day of the.

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Week to Send Emails to Your List (Calendar Illustration) You’ll Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List also need to pick which day and time you’ll be sending your email marketing campaigns out. Mondays and Fridays typically have lower open rates than other days of the week. That’s because most people are either coming back from their weekend or starting it. According to the most recent blogging data, Tuesdays are your best bet. Again, experiment to find what works best with your particular audience. Being consistent with your email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your list.

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Your production schedule will be unique to your Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List based on your personal circumstances and methods. Start by estimating how long it will take you to gather ideas, write your content, and design your email or template. Try to develop a realistic schedule you’ll be able to stick to.

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