If you access the website during the Christmas period, you will have the opportunity to create a group photo of elves, where you can upload up to 5 images of you and your friends. interactive storytelling This unique strategy can be great for beginners, especially if your goal is to test your ability to engage. Source: Elf Yourself App advanced lists Especially popularized by Buzzfeed , the advanced list has become an important tool for marketers, a real template or post genre for those who need communication to be more attractive.

The point here is that this amazing

Interactive storytelling The point here is that this amazing tool is user-centric , which means that people can quickly jump to the part of the VP Communications Officer Email Lists content that interests them the most. Now Interactive Storytelling opens up a whole new world of possibilities to solve that. We are talking about the next step. UBM , a global communications company, learned this while developing its marketing strategy to bring awareness to London Technology Week . In order to create interesting content that people could share online, the team developed the “Geek’s Guide to London”, using the Ion tool.

In order to create interesting content

VP Communications Officer Email Lists

As well as showcasing the week’s events, the article included an interactive map where users could find other information about London’s unique relationship with technology. interactive storytelling Add to that a mobile-friendly version of the article, and presto: the narration created for the original static article became an innovative marketing action. Users could virtually experience London Technology Week, both online and offline.

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