Videos embedded in email messages seduce users more than brands. Advertisers remain reluctant to incorporate this tool into their business emails. This reserve may be surprising when analyzing the benefits of this tool, which provides important support in terms of attraction and effectiveness of the message. Online videos, in fact, are experiencing increasing success. Every day, almost 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. Internet users are generally very receptive to the messages that make up this medium.

It Is Now Technically Easier to Embed Videos in the Email

According to the EBG (Electronic Business Group), video emails would generate reactivity levels five times higher than traditional emails. It more easily captures the customer’s attention. Stimulates the person’s commitment through a Buy Paraguay WhatsApp Numbers different experience and ultimately develops. Attachment to the brand. A powerful viral marketing tool to facilitate. The acquisition of new contacts or promote the launch of new products. The video also has a high potential for loyalty by highlighting company values. Through promotions or demonstration tutorials.

It Is Very Interesting for Advertisers to Test the Formula

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Only commercial videos must be used with the greatest caution as it can damage the company’s brand image. Advertisers can thus, for example, opt for video email to thank their contact when they sign up for the newsletter or make a purchase, to present an event or product as a teaser, to affirm the company’s values, to carry out “live” demonstrations ” of your products, or display customer testimonials. Each one will find the formula that best corresponds to their needs in terms of marketing. The adequacy between context, content, form, and destination, as well as consistency with the other media, used, largely determines the success of a video email campaign.

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