One of those stories that usually appears in articles and analyzes in english about. Teenagers and their growing weight is linked to the origin of the word ‘teenager’ adolescent in English. It is often said that the term is an invention of madison avenue, the street of new york advertisers. It was advertisers – we are told – who somehow invented teenagers in post-world war ii america. Experts in the history of words have already made it clear that the story. As beautiful as it may be, is not true. The term has an origin that goes much further and if it became fashionable. Then it was due to a change in terminology and in the one that was more fashionable.

From World War Ii to the Boom of Star Wars as They Explain

Marketing and the consumer society have on the idea of ​​what adolescence is and what. It means to behave and consume like a teenager. After all, the story of the invention of the word may not be exactly true. But the Engineering Directors Email Lists adolescent market is closely linked to what was happening in those years. As explained in branded. The buying and selling of teenagers alissa quart, “Marketers discovered, or invented. The american teen market during world war ii and postwar.”It was when the idea was outlined that. It was best to attract consumers when they were young and that teenagers. Were going to be spending their parents’ money freely.

Marketers Began Not Only Trying to Position More Products

Engineering Directors Email Lists

As they explain in time magazine, it was at that time, in the post-great depression united states. When adolescents began to take shape as we associate them today. With their own language, their fashions, their trends, and their own habits. It is the beginning of the adolescent culture and, with it, the beginning of the adolescent market. Teenagers began to have their own means of communication. With specific products and with their own universe. As the decades passed, marketers began not only trying to position more products in this environment but also launching much more specific messages for them.

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