The importance of reviews is key for ecommerce and no study is needed to prove it. Who would be willing to buy an item that is said to be of poor quality. That it is not worth what it costs or that has two stars of average of all scores? Still, yotpo has analyzed more than a million. Reviews and more than 8.6 million purchases of 6,623 different products and shared their findings through a comprehensive infographic. There we learn, for example, that november and december are. By far, the most active months in ecommerce, where revenues increase by 30% compared to other months. And that when it comes to taking advantage of that vein, reviews can play a role. Key.

The First Conclusion That Stands Out Is That, as We All Intuited

products with more stars have a higher level of purchase: in fact, on average, 54% of orders are for products with a 5-star rating (out of 5). , while 40% are products with 4 stars. What is left for products with a one, two or three star rating? A measly 6% of the total volume of purchases. The same data, but seen in another way: a product with 4 stars gets 11 times more orders United Arab Emirates B2B List than one with 3, and one with 5, 126% more than one with 4. Reviews influence purchase decisions, and! not little!And if the influence of opinions is so great, it is because consumers trust what other customers say: 88% of people who read a review about a product perceive it as credible and truthful.

More Positive Reviews Are Written, but Negative Ones Also Have

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Despite the great impact of having a good review, there is no need to panic when a client makes a negative comment. That also has its uses! Negative reviews make positive comments look even better and, above all, more believable. And it is that accepting critical reviews shows that a website is authentic and has nothing to hide, in addition to allowing the retailer to respond, offer a solution and improve customer service, being more aware of the points to improve the product. Or service offered. Reviews are the most influential content among online consumers.

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