The study also asks companies about the signs that tell them that. It is time to launch a brand community or that such an initiative will be well received by their customers. Considering that the success of these online communities depends on their use by members. It is important to ensure that there is some demand before launching it. For the majority of respondents. The clearest indication that their clientele is looking for a brand community is that they frequently. Offer feedback or ideas about products on their own initiative (for 54%) or that they actively seek answers to questions.

Companies and Organizations Have Been Used to Using

On the other hand, the main fear that holds back brands is that the community. May not be vibrant or that it does not have enough active participants. In that sense, it is essential to have a strategy to encourage customers to Trinidad and Tobago B2B List join these platforms. To do this, companies are using very varied approaches. Although the use of social networks stands out to publicize the existence of the community. (something that 58% of employees do), as well as inform at events (37%). Or send email invitations to subscribers (37%). Most also point out that of all the activities launched to attract new members. The most effective is promotion through social networks.

The Directors, Managers or Bosses Are the Ones Who Will Promote

Trinidad and Tobago B2B List

If the leaders of an organization do not support the development and constant use of social networks. It will be very difficult for a social media manager to develop strategies or even operate social networks correctly. Many business leaders want to use social media. Yet are unwilling to make the changes to properly embrace the digital age. Organizational culture is an element that many organizations and companies are unaware of. They do not even understand that it exists.The success or failure of social media initiatives.

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