Data has always been an essential issue for brands, who could, through it, better. Understand the needs and desires of their customers. But if marketing teams used to actively seek and collect such data, since the introduction of the internet. They have access to an endless amount of information. And data-driven marketing has been increasing in importance to become essential. And it is that collecting, managing, and above all understanding data has become one of the main concerns of companies. As well as getting quality data that really serves to improve your marketing campaigns.

Finding Out if They’re Getting It Is What a New Report

And what is the main objective they want to achieve with their data-driven marketing strategy? 58% consider that personalizing. The customer experience (something that, for 28%, is also one of the France B2B List main challenges). Other very common objectives are to target advertising messages individually. Within market segments (50%), measure roi (49%) or acquire new customers (41%). Among the main difficulties, on the other hand, is the need to improve the quality of the data and to better. Integrate the data from the different platforms, since the data is currently collected from a wide variety of different sources.

9 Out of 10 Companies Choose to Use Data Collected by Themselves

France B2B List

When working with data, using different data sources has a positive impact on their quality, but it also poses an added difficulty for marketers. Today, the vast majority of companies (88%) collect their own data, but interestingly, there are also 50% that use data collected by trusted partners. The use of organic channels prevails to acquire data and includes both online and offline channels, from web forms to shopping carts, from calls to call centers to systems present at points of sale. Far fewer (35%) buy data from third parties. Finally, the growing importance of data-driven marketing is also reflected in the budget allocated for this purpose. At this time, where concepts such as engagement and personalization are key, and interaction throughout the customer journey requires relevant and timely communication, it is clear that greater investment in this topic is a good idea.

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