Big data has become a must for companies: knowing the consumer and their buying habits better promises. A paradisiacal future in which marketers will be able to make all their decisions with knowledge of the facts. To design much more effective campaigns . Today, data-driven marketing, the use of predictive analytics tools and segmentation are already very popular. But their use is increasing year after year. This is shown once again by. A globaldma study, where 21.9% of those surveyed say that data is important for their marketing actions, and 59.3% believe that its. Importance is critical (in total, more than 8 out of 10 respondents recognized the value of big data for companies).

There Were Few Who Considered Their Companies

Even so, when analyzing the practices that are carried out. There were few who considered their companies as “Experts” in this field. Thus, although 91% of companies have databases with information about their Cyprus B2B List consumers. 89% segment data to better target campaigns, and another 89% measure the results of said. Campaigns (through a single channel), only half consider that they dominate that subject. On the other hand, there are still 18% of companies unable to measure the results of marketing. Campaigns through multiple channels and 34.3% do not buy data. From third parties to complement their data in their marketing actions.

The Investment in Marketing Based on Data Increases Year

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who expect to increase it for 2016. Of that investment, a vast majority goes to digital media: social networks, web content, search and display ads have all grown at a very fast pace in the last year. Of course, the channels where the most are invested are also the ones that are giving the highest returns: the effectiveness of social networks, web and display ads has increased more than that of any other channel. But in addition to increasing spending on the tools and infrastructure to carry out data-driven digital campaigns, spending on the data management and analytical tools themselves has also increased, albeit somewhat less.

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