Are mobile phones one of the fastest-growing technological devices in the history of human inventions and adoption? There are no studies that have compared the growth rate of these terminals with that achieved by other similar inventions. Although perhaps, seeing the numbers they are reaching and the speed at which they do so. One could say that they are. Mobile phones are growing at an accelerated speed and are managing to connect more with consumers. In fact, the forecasts for the immediate future are very optimistic and have very impressive numbers. According to a study by Forrester, it is expected that by 2022.

The Figures Are Not Only Impressive for Themselves

The figures are not only impressive for themselves. But also for what they show when a comparison is made between what has counted not too long ago. The number of mobile devices will be practically double the 2,800 million Bolivia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists terminals that. Were operational in 2008. In 2017. It is also expected that another milestone number will be crossed. The number of mobile terminal users will have reached 50% of the population. These numbers of users include those who use a smartphone and those who use a ‘dumb’ terminal. One of the lifelong mobiles. Despite the fact that the number of smartphone users is already higher than that of basic terminals.

These Devices Still Have Some Way to Go Since

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In the case of smart mobile terminals, Android is the operating system with the largest market share. 78% of smartphones have this operating system, followed by 21% with iOS and 4% with Windows. Given that low-cost smartphone manufacturers bet directly on Android, their position is quite secure and armored. All this data is not only a technological and demographic curiosity but also works as an element that helps to better understand how things are changing and how they will continue to do so.

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