The programmatic last name is becoming more and more common. When talking about advertising and especially when talking about internet advertising. Brands are increasingly betting on these tools to serve their ads and to reach consumers with their messages. In fact, some sectors outside the network itself, such as television or even the paper press. Are trying to take advantage of these ideas and these systems to try to sell. Their advertising space and thus reach brands. But what state is programmatic advertising in today? A study by digiday and chango has asked those responsible for marketing.

Marketers Are Getting Into Programmatic Advertising

The first conclusion of the study is that programmatic advertising is getting stronger. Those responsible for brand marketing strategies are betting more and more on. It and see it as a key to achieving Mali B2B List their desired results. And, in addition, as they are seeing how they achieve better results. They are also becoming more interested in these tools and their potential. Or, as the study points out. They are more inclined to push programmatic to its limits. But this is not the only conclusion that can be drawn from the study. In fact, six concrete lessons about.

The Weight of Programmatic Advertising in Budgets Is Growing

Respondents agree that the spend margin of programmatic advertising will be higher. That is, brands will invest much more in this area in the future. In fact, 90% of those surveyed are convinced that the growth in the digital marketing budget. Will go to programmatic advertising. The majority of those surveyed are convinced. That programmatic advertising will bring in more money in the future. Those who already use programmatic advertising believe in 57% of cases that the weight in the advertising budget. Will increase significantly. In the case of those who are just starting out, 46% expect it to increase to some degree.

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