Currently, in Spain, there is still a high degree of confusion among marketing. Professionals regarding the definition of real-time marketing or marketing automation. 52% still do not know what this booming trend in marketing consists of. According to the “I real-time marketing or marketing automation study. Carried out by Wunderman and the specialized publication remark among 1,500 marketing. Professionals from large consumer companies. According to the results of the study, only 48% of professionals were correct in defining what RTM or MK automation is. Pointing out that it is an automated process with a 24×7 response. Which also involves the human factor to analyze data, define behavior rules, etc.

The Rest Defined the Rtm in the Wrong Way

What is clear for 69% of those surveyed is that it is not comparable to the work carried out by a community manager. Since rtm is a trend that consists of predicting the needs of the consumer or potential client and anticipating them. That is, to give the consumer what he needs, just when and where he needs it. The study “I study real-time marketing or marketing Buy Morocco WhatsApp Numbers automation” aims to find out what is. The knowledge of the professionals of this practice in Spain, its application, and its benefits, and for this, it has been developed in five parts. The current challenges that marketing agencies have to face to apply real-time marketing  MK automation. The definition and knowledge, its importance, the forecasts that marketing agencies have as well as the brakes that exist in the sector to apply this practice.

The Current Challenges to the That Marketing Agencies

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Real-time marketing satisfies and attends to one of the main headaches pointed out. By more than half of marketing professionals (60.3%) as it is the increase in sales. Since it enables the spanish company to predict the needs of its consumers or potential clients. Anticipating them and giving them the opportunity to maximize their investments by.  Being able to offer what they really need, at the precise moment and place they need it”. Says andrés narváez, president of wunderman del sur de europe and spain.

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