Although it is severe with millennials, the animation shows an indisputable fact. Our society communicates in a way never seen before in the history of humanity. Economic, commercial, and cultural globalization has given rise to a paradigm shift in relationships. Placing great weight on mobile phones in our daily routines. New languages, symbols, and neologisms have emerged that. A large part of the “Baby boomers” do not understand and perhaps never will understand. However, today’s digital world is within reach and it is necessary. To know very well the characteristics of this new channel that is here to stay: the mobile.

How Can We Make Use of These Particularities in Digital Marketing?

Years ago marshall McLuhan prophesied about the arrival of a universal medium. Which would summarize all functions within a single device. And it already exists 10 years ago: the smartphone. It is useless to canada mobile number list create a video for tv, with language. Format and duration for that medium, and then broadcast it on mobile. The mobile phone needs its own language, with a vision and formats designed in a “Mobile-friendly” way since its creation. Therefore, 70% of digital video consumption is through cell phones. It is essential to think about vertical formats. Horizontal screens previously used massively, are now used less and less.

More Investment, More Creativity the Suicidal

The suicidal fight for the best price has harmed the creativity, profit, and productivity of many companies. Including advertisers and media. Therefore, investing less may not do the brand any good. Properly valuing the digital investment in technology. Formats or solutions can give great results in the long term. “Stay fool” said steve jobs. Remember this the next time you buy a pair of jeans on sale that rips a month. We see that the big brands are in a hurry to concentrate their investments in “Programmatic”. Which can achieve great results in terms of quantity and coverage and thus improve performance campaigns. But the same does not happen with branding, where quality must always be kept in mind.

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