Where is the future going? What would companies have to do to adapt their strategy to? The new times and to the trends that will dominate the market? That is the question that marketing managers are always asking. They and they ask themselves much more when one year ends and another begins. The end of the year and the beginning of the next invite reflection and analysis. And from the reflection and analysis of what many analysts think. Certain conclusions and certain guidelines can be drawn as to where the market is oscillating. From the recommendations and forecasts that several analysts have shared with the CMO.

Data-bound Creative Will Settle as It Is Known in English

It’s not exactly that creativity will disappear it won’t but the starting point will be different. Data and information about consumers will be what points in which direction to go and what. Will point the Comoros B2B List way for brands to act. Giving consumers the experience they want and the messages. They want increasingly involves mixing creativity with smart solutions. In addition, the studies and the forecasts of the experts indicate. Brands and companies will begin to use this starting point on a daily basis and want to improve. The integration they make of these points. The fact that it is becoming easier to access data and also data management tools only makes it easier and more feasible.

The experiential trading boom Experiences have been one of the recurring

Experiences have been one of the recurring elements in recent times and one of the keywords used when talking about trends and movements that companies had to make for the future. To connect with consumers and to reach them, experiences are increasingly important. Companies have begun to orient their products and their positioning strategy towards this, and the marketing strategy has increasingly settled on these areas. Retail will enter the Experiential Commerce, experiential commerce or experiences.

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