Content marketing has become a kind of magic wand that every. Brand wants to wave to make their positioning and marketing strategy work. What makes content marketing special? On the one hand. It is offering what the consumer wants in a context in which brand.Messages are being less well-received than ever. In an environment in which consumers receive advertising messages worse than ever. Content marketing is achieving high engagement rates and is being received with very good eyes. On the other hand, these types of messages ensure that the messages arrive. That the consumer receives exactly what they want them to receive.

It Is Still Betting on Advertising Content Instead of Content With Value

The first mistake, and possibly one of the most common, when analyzing why some brands fail in their content marketing strategy is in the content itself. Why do consumers like content and why do they receive this type of message from brands so well? The key is that the contents are not traditional advertisements and are therefore not messages to sell how wonderful their products or the Buy Singapore WhatsApp Numbers brand itself are. The contents offer added value. The brand is not selling its motorcycle but is telling something that is really interesting. Failure to do so is a very important mistake. Content marketing is not the traditional advertorial of the past, nor is it an extension of the ad that has just been launched on other channels. The consumer will not accept such messages.

When Something Catches on or When Something Starts to Show

However, going for it can be the first step to make another important mistake that will weigh down the content marketing strategy. Brands can be tempted to think that the important thing is to be there and that all you need to do is start publishing. Generate stuff and do what everyone else seems to be doing, and you’ll get the same results. This is a serious mistake. Content marketing needs a careful strategy and, in fact, it needs brands to establish media writing dynamics. It is not enough to publish posts on the blog in any way. When social networks appeared on the horizon of what to do, many brands made the big mistake of thinking that anyone with a Facebook account could dedicate themselves to updating their corporate profiles with content.

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