Measurement is the first step to control and ultimately improvement. James Harrington is an obsession for marketers. Planning and executing activities responds to metrics and controlled decision-making. But how do you accurately measure the results of a campaign? How much value do metrics provide when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of different marketing tools? Measuring success in performance marketing is simple when you’re only using one platform. But, to gain a competitive advantage, marketers often run campaigns with more than one marketing tool or provider. Let’s use an example of a common performance-based approach. A professional today will use the following 3 methods simultaneously: AdWords, personalized retargeting campaigns and display campaigns.

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Most marketers still use a metric study that does not fully correspond to what is really happening in their business. While the measurements they query and reference are obviously useful. They are not the bangladesh-whatsapp-number-list most important when it comes to judging results based on performance. The first step in analyzing the marketing activities carried out by providers is not to check visits or clicks. But to find a way to measure the cost of each action so that you can compare. However, the metrics displayed in different tools, especially in the case of retargeting dashboards, may not be comparable to each other. To calculate the results of each source, it is important to use an analytical tool (for example, google analytics).

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Every marketer wants to see a return on investment and should optimize advertising activities with that metric in mind. The reason is simple, knowing the relationship between what the ads have generated and the cost of those ads, we can easily assess how they contribute to business growth. By checking the ROAS (return on advertising expenses), you can decide how much volume is needed to be profitable and where to focus the time and budget of marketing actions. If it is possible to determine which are the scenarios in which we will have to pay more for each conversion to obtain greater benefit, we will optimize the existing budget to give more importance to the investment. This will he

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