If there is something in recent times that has become recurrent in the strategies. Of brands and in the lists of what they cannot ignore, it is online video. Video on the internet has become an increasingly popular and increasingly present element. It achieves much better results than other formats and has also become. One of the ways of accessing the favorite content of netizens. Brands are, therefore, crazy about using it and connecting with consumers through it. But video is not only becoming more popular, but it is also, just like the market, evolving. Where will video go in the immediate future? Many are the predictions that are made about the future of online video and about how brands will use it.

It Is Assumed That the Video Will Be Increasingly Mobile

Thus, it is assumed that the video will be increasingly mobile, that it will have more and more weight, and that it will star in more and more content that brands publish on social networks. But what else will playing with the Buy Hungary WhatsApp Numbers video involve? An analysis by BizReport, which has asked different players in the industry, has focused on the least recurring and has analyzed those trends that can change things a lot but are not the usual suspects in the listings. The pre-roll is dead, long live the ‘co-created’ video. One of the recurring complaints from consumers is that of regretting pre-roll ads in videos. They are annoying, too long and many times they don’t even seem really intended for online videos, which makes the experience of watching them not positive at all.

As soon as the Watch Video Prompt Appears

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For this reason, brands are looking for alternative ways and are trying new ways to position themselves in online videos. The alternative to the pre-roll could be in what is known in English as co-created branded video or, what is the same, in becoming the creator of the video together with its protagonist. The results are very positive. They have much more engagement, good quality and the user cannot skip it. It is one more way to do content marketing and one that will be much more popular in 2017.

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