It is more than proven that the Millennials are abandoning television at a forced march, and you have decided that you have to be on YouTube to be able to communicate with them. Many brands have done an excellent job on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, but they don’t really know why, their YouTube channel is a wasteland that no one visits. If this is your case, do not worry, you are not the only one. In fact, in data from 2014, 70% of brand videos did not even have 1,000 views or reproductions.

It Very Clear and Do Very Good Things on Youtube

n recent years we have seen everything. From people who have it very clear and do very good things on YouTube, to people who thought they had it very clear and have crashed resoundingly. Many of the mistakes that are Slovenia B2B List made are quite common. For this reason, Burson-Marsteller and Felipe Jiménez Luna, director, producer, copywriter, and head of Tuiwok Estudios (Endemol Shine Beyond Iberia), have decided to launch, as a guide, a small report that reveals the 10 ways of failing with a brand strategy on Youtube. This is usually the most common evil. Upload the videos of the campaign when it is active and not upload anything again in the following three months.

You Just Have to Think of Youtube as Just Another Social Network

Slovenia B2B List

here we are going to talk about YouTubers, but they are really the ones that make up the YouTube Community. Just as if we premiered a television program we would go through programs like Zappeando or El hormiguero, if we want to premiere on the platform, its prescribers are the ones who will best tell the Community that we have just arrived. And YouTube is a community, you have to answer your audience. Listen to them, learn from them, answer them. Yes, exactly the same as you do on Twitter. If we had to keep only one metric to see how our channel is doing, and only one, it would not be the number of views, but the number of subscribers.

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