It turns out that some experts claim that this new term. Online audience optimization, is the new seo. For others, it is a paradigm shift, where seo simply becomes. A tactic that is subject to the decisions of search engines. And in any case, it is one more tactic, which makes sense on some occasions. In any of the cases, being perhaps closer to the second approach. The transition from a very transactional internet to a more conversational digital ecosystem. Requires rethinking how to approach the audience, and from this reflection, the term online audience optimization arises.

The Point of View of Marketing and Communication

Reflection on the brand. It is essential not only for. The brand to have a consistent value proposition but also to express it adequately. Brands must address their verbal identity in addition to their classic graphic. Identity and materialize it in a conversational way that makes them easily recognizable. Knowledge of the audience. It is not enough to segment. You have to understand the Buy Netherlands WhatsApp Numbers audience to develop a true digital conversation. Techniques such as the buyer persona or the buyer canvas to comprehensively define. The audience together with online analytics tools is crucial to know at all times. What the audience is interested in and seeks a connection with it.

Create a Transversal Marketing and Communication Program

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The intention of online audience optimization is to take advantage of the best practices of other disciplines. To apply them with a key objective to generate engagement with the audience. If we compare the classic SEO with the oak. It is fewer keywords and more quality content. If we talk about content, for the oao it is about content designed to add value. A well-defined and analyzed audience. It is not just making content to be present on the internet. When we compare social media actions to ours. It’s about conversing with the audience and not about using social media as a platform to pitch commercials.

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